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Abena Ochoa and Terron Mwata Andrews' Honeymoon Registry

Couples Tower Isle

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Dolphin Cove

We'll enjoy the excitement of various activities with friendly, intelligent dolphins while feeling the thrill of their playful antics! We will swim and enjoy a kiss and a splash or two. Pictures and videos of our dolphin experience are available for us to take home so we can remember that fun-loving day on our honeymoon!

registry_cart_item_1579743 Dolphin Cove

Jamaican Blue Mountain Downhill Bicycle Tour

Jamaican Blue Mountain Downhill Bicycle Tour

With your wedding gift, we will ride through Jamaica's highest mountain range, Blue Mountain! We will glide through a tropical rainforest on our bicycles without even pedaling and then we will stop for a quick dip in a cool cascading waterfall by the river!

registry_cart_item_1579742 Jamaican Blue Mountain Downhill Bicycle Tour

River Tubing

Our safe expedition will start at the 17th Century Landmark "The Spanish Bridge" where we'll go on a breathtaking three-mile journey down the White River. We'll pass through coconut plantations, bamboo groves, pass by friendly locals in their riverside homes while challenging rapids and the enchanting lagoons. After our journey, we will refresh our taste buds and quench our thirst at the Parrot Bar!

registry_cart_item_1579741 River Tubing


Upgrade Our Room

Upgrade Our Room

We don't want to settle for a standard room, especially on our honeymoon! With your thoughtful gift, we can plan ahead and upgrade our room at Couples Resorts on our once in a lifetime trip!

registry_cart_item_1579747 Upgrade Our Room


Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Romantic Candlelight Dinner

We will share a romantic evening under the stars on our honeymoon at Couples Resorts! On the beach, or in the romantic tropical gardens, we will dine in an enchanting setting including flaming torches, softly glowing candles and a walkway lined with rose petals. We will have our private waiter bring us a bottle of champagne, or we will choose exceptional wine to complement our fine dining experience in paradise. Our intimate dinner will be enhanced with a decadent Jamaican dessert making it a perfect honeymoon evening!

registry_cart_item_1579749 Romantic Candlelight Dinner


Couples Honeymoon Souvenirs

Couples Honeymoon Souvenirs

We'll browse the Couples Resorts' store and pick up a few local handicrafts and souvenirs as mementoes from our romantic honeymoon in Jamaica!

registry_cart_item_1579751 Couples Honeymoon Souvenirs

Sunglasses for Our Honeymoon

Sunglasses for Our Honeymoon

Sunglasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. We will look cool and feel even cooler on our tropical island honeymoon, thanks to you!

registry_cart_item_1579752 Sunglasses for Our Honeymoon


Airfare Portion for Honeymoon Travel

Airfare Portion for Honeymoon Travel

Any help to get to and from Jamaica is a wonderful wedding gift! We will be thanking you long after takeoff!

registry_cart_item_1579756 Airfare Portion for Honeymoon Travel

Unique Ideas

Trip Contribution to Couples Tower Isle

Trip Contribution to Couples Tower Isle

At Couples Tower Isle our honeymoon will be transformed into a romantic island escape. While indulging in the tropical ambiance at this all inclusive resort we will discover stunning sea views, a pristine sand beach and swaying palm trees. With lavish accommodations, tantalizing dining options, exciting excursions and soothing spa treatments we will experience impeccable service at this sophisticated seaside sanctuary.

registry_cart_item_1579757 Trip Contribution to Couples Tower Isle

Ah Good Ting

With your wonderful wedding gift, we'll take the time to enjoy each other's company on our romantic honeymoon! The Just Because Package includes fresh tropical flowers in our room upon arrival, a bottle of sparkling wine, a $100 spa gift certificate and a $25 gift shop certificate!

registry_cart_item_1579759 Ah Good Ting

Romantic Couples Massage

Romantic Couples Massage

We will experience the special indulgence of a couples massage while lying side by side in paradise! Together, we will be pampered with exotic oils that hydrate the skin, rejuvenate the senses and leave us refreshed and revitalized. We want to reserve this relaxing massage early for the ultimate spa experience on our Caribbean honeymoon!

registry_cart_item_1579760 Romantic Couples Massage

"Well Wishes" From Our Family & Friends

“congratz bro.... &welcome to our family Bena!! have lots of fun....muahzz”
- Queeda &the kids
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