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So, I have received quite a few emails from you all telling me you love it. I am so happy! I knew it was the one right when I saw it! After trying it on, it was confirmed that this was the PERFECT dress for me! Thank you guys for everything! I will see you soon at the bridal shower! XOXO

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So, today was my second attempt at finding my wedding dress and I think I found the perfect one! I am so excited that I'm posting a picture to show all my family and friends! It would be great to hear from you all and what you think of it!

Yesterday I went shopping for wedding dresses for the first time and I just have to say that it was so much fun!!! My mom, my sisters and my Maid of Honor, Katherine, came along with me for opinions. I loved a lot of the ones I tried on but I am not sure if any of them felt right. We have plans to try again next week. Wish me luck!